Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor

Before hiring a painting contractor, it’s vital that you ask a lot of questions. A good painting company will arrive on time, close before late in the night, and take the time to explain all aspects of the project. The painter should be able to communicate with you easily and thoroughly, so that he can provide you with the best service possible. Secondly, make sure to ask how much training they’ve had and if they have any documents to back up their claims. A good contractor will always strive to maintain a high rating with the BBB.

The next step in the hiring process is to make sure that the painting contractor has a valid license to work in the area. A painting contractor must have a current license to perform the work on your property. You should ask about the scope of the work that the painting contractor will be performing and whether their license is current. This step will help you avoid any potential problems down the line. In addition to asking about the contractor’s license, you should also ask to see his most recent documents.

Another step in hiring a painting contractor is to ask for references. You can ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers for recommendations. Referrals are the best source of information because it means that you can learn about the contractor’s services from someone who has had experience with him. It is also important to ask prospective painting contractors for the names and phone numbers of three satisfied clients. These references can educate you on the various aspects of the project. For instance, you can ask them if they were satisfied with the cleaning, attention to detail, or the flexible scheduling.

Another important tip in hiring a painting contractor is to ask about his insurance. You should make sure that he has a general liability insurance that covers the home owner. In addition, a painting contractor must have WSIB insurance that protects workers who are injured on the job. If he doesn’t have this type of insurance, you could be liable for injuries or damages to the workers. So, don’t let price be the only criteria when choosing a painting contractor. If he doesn’t have the appropriate experience, he should have testimonials from previous clients.

When hiring a painting contractor, check for their insurance coverage. Generally, the company must carry a minimum of $1 million of general liability insurance to protect the homeowner. Moreover, he should have WSIB insurance to protect workers in case of accidents. Otherwise, you could be held liable for their injuries. Lastly, check the references of the painter. If the painting contractor has positive testimonials, he should be able to provide you with at least three references.

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